Organisations and Association

今 日, 哲 學 的 命 運 正 好 像 古 典 音 樂 般 己 漸 漸 被 人 淡 忘 了 。
Today, as classical music, people put philosophy on one side. We already forgot what we are !

Street Philosophers Society

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Organisations and Association

  1. Chinese Philosophical Society
    1. 香 港 人 文 哲 學 會 Hong Kong Society of Humanistic Philosophy
    2. 台 北 開 放 社 會 中 心
    3. 台 灣 哲 學 學 會 The Taiwan Philosophical Association
    4. 台 灣 非 常 道 哲 學 網 站

  2. Assoiciation
    1. American Association of Philosophy Teachers
    2. American Catholic Philosophical Association
    3. American Humanist Association
    4. American Nihilism Association
    5. American Philosophical Association
    6. American Philosophical Association Gopher
    7. American Studies Association Home Page
    8. Applied Research Ethics National Association
    9. Association for Symbolic Logic
    10. Association Canadienne de Philosophie/Canadian Philosophical Association
    11. Association for the Foundations of Science, Language and Cognition
    12. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
    13. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
    14. Association for the Study of Persons
    15. Association for Computers and the Humanities
    16. Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
    17. Association for Symbolic Logic
    18. Australasian Association for Process Thought
    19. Australasian Association of Philosophy
    20. Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics
    21. Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science
    22. The British Lonergan Association
    23. Canadian Jacques Maritain Association
    24. Canadian Philosophical Association
    25. Canadian Psychological Association
    26. Cosmic Baseball Association- Archive Link
    27. European Association for Logic, Language and Information
    28. Humanist Association of Canada
    29. The International Association for Philosophy and Literature
    30. International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy
    31. International Quantum Structures Association
    32. International Association for Greek Philosophy
    33. International Association of Women Philosophers
    34. IQSA- International Quantum Structures Association
    35. The New Israel Philosophical Association
    36. Nihilism Association
    37. Northeast Association for Computers and the Humanities
    38. Philosophy of Science Association
    39. The Radical Philosophy Association
    40. San Diego Association of Secular Humanists
    41. Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association
    42. The Swedenborg Association
    43. The Taiwan Philosophical Association
    44. Tennessee Philosophical Association
    45. Undergraduate Philosophy Association of UT-Austin
    46. Undergraduate Philosophy Association
    47. White Mountain Education Association

  3. Center
    1. Bakhtin Centre Home Page
    2. Cambridge Centre for Hermeneutic and Analytic Philosophy
    3. Centre for Advanced Feminst Studies
    4. Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology
    5. Centre for Applied Ethics
    6. Center For Applied Christian Ethics (CACE)
    7. MCW's Center for the Study of Bioethics
    8. Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania
    9. Center for Bioethics
    10. Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care
    11. Centre for Human Bioethics
    12. Centre for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
    13. Center for Environmental Philosophy
    14. Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
    15. Center for the Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions
    16. Center for Medieval Studies
    17. Centre for the Mind
    18. Centre for Philosophical Studies
    19. Center for Philosophy of Science
    20. Centre for PHilosophy, Technology and Society
    21. Plain Philosophy Center
    22. Centre for Professional Ethics
    23. Filosofie van Management en Organisatie - het Prato Center
    24. Center for Professional and Applied Ethics
    25. Center for Process Studies
    26. Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
    27. Centre for Research Ethics Homepage
    28. Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
    29. The Centre for Thomistic Studies, Inc.
    30. The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
    31. Center for Utopian Studies
    32. Center for the Advancement of Applied Ethics
    33. Center for the Cognitive Science of Metaphor Online
    34. Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies
    35. Centre for Philosophy and Phenomenological Studies - Home Page
    36. Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions
    37. Center for the study of Language and Information (Stanford)
    38. Center for the Study of The Great Ideas
    39. The Center for Bioethics
    40. The Center for Critical Thinking
    41. Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
    42. The Center for Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
    43. The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
    45. Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) Centre for Textual Studies
    46. CMSU Center for Applied & Professional Ethics - September 1, 1997
    47. Ethics Center for Engineering and Science
    48. International Centre for Greek Philosophy and Culture
    49. International Center for Greek Philosophy and Culture
    50. International Interfaith Centre: Interfaith Resources
    51. The Japan Internet Center for Process Studies
    52. John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values
    53. The Los Angeles Lonergan Center
    54. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
    55. MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics
    56. The Jacques Maritain Center at Notre Dame
    57. Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science
    58. National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
    59. Neuropsychology Central
    60. Online Center for the Cognitive Science of Metaphor
    61. Poynter Center
    62. The Philosophy Documentation Center
    63. Philosophy Research Centre
    64. The Senpo Sugihara Asian Bioethics Centre
    65. UB Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care
    66. Center for Utopian Studies
    67. UBC Centre for Applied Ethics Home Page
    68. University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics
    69. Woodrow Wilson Center

  4. Foundation
    1. The Aesthetic Realism Foundation Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by the great poet and critic Eli Siegel, states: The world, art, and self explain each other: each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites. Articles, classes, events, books on this web site.
    2. Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc An organisation supporting the rights of atheists, promoting atheism, providing a range of articles, quotes and news from an atheist perspective.
    3. European Foundation for Logic, Language, and Information
    4. Foundation for the Advancement of Post-Rationalist Studies
    5. Great Books Foundation - Home Page
    6. Joseph Campbell Foundation
    7. John Templeton Foundation
    8. The Philosophy Foundation
    9. Terrain Gallery / Aesthetic Realism Foundation, New York City, SoHo The art gallery based on the Siegel Theory of Opposites. All beauty is a making one of opposites, wrote Eli Siegel, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves. Discussions of works by Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Dorothea Lange, Velazquez, Atget, Chardin, and more.
    10. Voltaire Foundation

  5. Institute
    1. The Ayn Rand Institute
    2. Ayn Rand Institute | Media Link
    3. Australian Institute For Women's Research and Policy.
    4. The Ayn Rand Institute
    5. Adam Smith Institute Home Page
    6. The California Institute for Applied Objectivism
    7. The Institute for Cultural Research
    8. Computer Ethics Institute
    9. Eubios Ethics Institute
    10. European Institute for Business Ethics
    11. Global Dialogue Institute
    13. Instituto de Filosof燰
    14. The Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics at Ohio University
    15. Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
    16. THE INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED PHILOSOPHY, PUBLIC POLICY, AND WORLD AFFAIRS --Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Economics of Development, Social and Political Theory, Social Sciences. Applied Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Education, Healthcare, Health, Environment, Government and Politics, Community Development, Poverty and Economic Justice, Science and Technology Studies, Human Rights, Advocacy, Postmodernism, Contemporary Problems and Issues, Arts, Cultures, Humanities, End of the 20th Century
    17. Institute for Business and Professional Ethics
    18. Institute for Business and Professional Ethics
    19. Institute of Computer Science
    20. Institute Of Cognitive Studies
    21. Institut fr Philosophie
    22. Institut fr Axiologische Forschungen / Institute for Axiological Research index title of your page title of your page
    23. Institute for Global Ethics
    24. Institute for Global Communications
    25. Institute for Humane Studies
    26. Instituto de Investigaciones Filos鏹icas
    27. Institute for Jewish Medical Ethics
    28. Kennedy Institute of Ethics
    29. The Lonergan Research Institute
    30. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
    31. Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
    32. Institute of Medicine, Law & Bioethics
    33. Institut fr mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik
    34. The Institute for Objectivist Studies
    35. Institute for Philosophical Pleasure
    36. Institute of Practical Philosophy
    37. The Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics at Dartmouth College
    39. System of Life Institute
    40. The Institute of St. Thomas
    41. Istituto di Teoria e Storia delle Idee
    42. Thomas Instituut Utrecht
    43. Institute Vienna Circle --- Homepage
    44. Warburg Institute
    45. The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning

  6. Project
    1. Automated Reasoning Project (Australian National University)
    2. Consciousness in the Natural World Project Home Page
    3. University of Chicago Philosophy Project
    4. The Galileo Project, Homepage
    5. The McDonnell Project in Philosophy and the Neurosciences
    6. Project Gutenberg
    7. Project Archelgos Home
    8. The Paideia Project: Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress
    9. Reid Project
    10. STOA Ethics Project
    11. University of Chicago Philosophy Project
    12. The Brain Project

  7. Society
    1. Aberdeen Centre for Philosophy Technology and Society
    2. Aberdeen Philosophy Society
    3. Aesthetics On-Line American Society for Aesthetics
    4. Alexandria Society
    5. Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies
    6. American Oriental Society
    7. American Society for Aesthetics
    8. American Society for Philosophy, Counseling, and Psychotherapy
    9. American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics
    10. Anthroposophical Society
    11. Artificial Intelligence Societies and Organizations Directory
    12. American Mathematical Society
    13. Atheist Society of Australia
    14. The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society
    15. The Ayn Rand Society
    16. British Society for Aesthetics
    17. British Society for Ethical Theory
    18. British Society for Ethical Theory
    19. British Society for the History of Philosophy
    20. British Society for the Philosophy of Science
    21. British Society for Philosophical Counselling
    22. Brisbane Philosophy Society Business Ethics Teaching Society
    23. Business Ethics Teaching Society
    24. Brunswik Society
    25. Canadian Society for Computational Study of Intelligence
    26. Canadian Society for Hermeneutics and Postmodern Thought
    27. Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
    28. Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science
    29. Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (C-SWIP)
    30. Canadian Society for Aesthetics
    31. Lewis Carroll Society of North America
    32. Cognitive Science Society Information
    33. Drew University Philosophical Society Home Page
    34. Evangelical Philosophical Society
    35. Kurt Goedel Society
    36. Hegel Society of America
    37. History of Science Society Web Page
    38. Hungarian Philosophical Society
    39. Hume Society WWW
    40. The Hume Society
    41. Hume Society Gopher
    42. International Society for Environmental Ethics Syllabus Project
    43. International Society for Environmental Ethics
    44. International Society for Environmental Ethics Syllabus Project
    45. International Society for Environmental Ethics' Comprehensive Bibliography
    46. International Society for Ecological Psychology
    47. International Society for Knowledge Organization
    48. International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology
    49. International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO)
    50. Israel Society for Philosophical Practice and Counseling or Here
    51. The Japan Popper Society
    52. Soren Kierkegaard Society of Australia
    53. The Lonergan Philosophical Society
    54. New Philosophy Society
    55. Friedrich Nietzsche Society
    56. Friedrich Nietzsche Society
    57. North American Kant Society
    58. North American Nietzsche Society
    59. The Norwegian Kierkegaard Society
    60. Ontario Philosophical Society
    61. The Philopsychy Society
    62. Home Page of Philosophy Society
    63. Philosophy & Civil Society TOC
    64. Philosophy of Science Society, Japan
    65. The Philosophical Society of England /The London Group of the Philosophical Society of England
    66. Philosophy Society University of Glasgow.
    67. Philosophy Society University of Warwick
    68. Society of Consultant Philosophers
    69. The Jean Piaget Society
    70. TCNJ Ayn Rand Society
    71. The Bertrand Russell Society
    72. San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies
    73. Skeptics SocietyWeb
    75. Society for Activist Freethought
    76. Society for the Advancement of Creative Scientific Thinking
    77. Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
    78. Society for Anthropological Consciousness
    79. Society for Exact Philosophy
    80. Society for Intercultural Philosophy. In German,
    81. Society for Judgment and Decision Making
    82. Society for Judgment and Decision-Making Home Page
    83. Society for Philosophy and Psychology
    84. Society for Philosophy & Technology
    85. Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
    86. Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science
    87. Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI) Homepage
    88. Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP)
    89. Society of Christian Philosophers
    90. Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SSPP)
    91. Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Sciences
    92. The Taoist Restoration Society
    93. Welcome to the Teenage Philosopher's Society **T.P.S.**
    94. UKCSU Philosophy Society's Homepage
    95. University of Kent Philosophy Society
    96. Vancouver Island Society for Practical Philosophy
    97. The Voltaire Society of America
    98. Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Scotland

  8. Others
    1. African Americans for Humanism
    2. Australasian Philosophy Network: Home Page
    3. Australasian Philosophy Postgraduates
    4. Academic Dialogue on Applied Ethics Academy for Ethics in Medicine, G飆tingen
    5. CSICOP Home Page / Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
    6. Concerned Philosophers for Peace
    7. Computational Epistemology Lab
    8. Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS)
    9. Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
    10. Consciousness Research Laboratory Home Page
    11. Council for Secular Humanism
    12. Dallas Philosopher's Forum
    13. DialogNet homepage
    14. EDGE: To Arrive At The EDGE of The World's Knowledge
    15. Enactivism Research Group
    16. Environmental Philosophy Organizations:
    17. Ethics and Bioethics
    18. Federation Main Page / Page principale de la F嶮廨ation
    19. Feminism and Women'
    20. Gay and Lesbian Atheists and Humanists
    21. Gesellschaft fr interkulturelle Philosophie
    22. Gruppe Ph鄚omenologie
    23. History of Philosophy of Science Working Group
    24. International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)
    25. International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechtenstain
    26. International Network of Philosophers of Education Home Page
    27. ICOHTEC: International Committee for the History of Technology
    28. Indiana University Logic Group
    29. The International Academy of Humanism
    30. Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics
    31. The Jefferson School
    32. Logic Group
    33. Laboratory for Applied Logic
    34. Logic Organizations
    35. MassachusettsUndergraduate Philosophy Club
    36. Mathematical Logic Group
    37. Metaphysics Research Lab
    38. zzzz
    39. National Endowment for the Humanities
    40. National Bioethics Advisory Commission
    41. NEXA Program
    42. Norwegian Secular Humanists
    43. Notational Engineering Laboratory
    44. The NOBOSS Philosophy Club
    45. New Acropolis - Philosophy, symbolism, mythology and culture
    46. On-line Philosophy Papers Directory
    47. The Order of St. Augustine (in German)
    48. Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
    49. Philosophy of Science and Mathematics Events in Britain
    50. PhilNet: Internet-AG am Philosophischen Seminar der UNI-Hamburg
    51. Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
    52. The Proceedings of the Friesian School
    53. Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
    54. Philosophical Think Tank
    55. The Philosophical Club
    56. PHILOSOPHY OF SPORT HOMEPAGE - De Montfort University - Bedford - School of Physical Education, Sport & Leisure
    57. The Philosophy Club of CSUF
    58. Proyecto de Filosofia en Espanol
    59. Research Groups for Mathematical Logic,
    60. Register A German-language, general-purpose mailing list for philosophy, based in Austria
    61. Scholarly Communications Project of VPI & SU
    62. Stanford Humanists
    63. Soros Foundations Network
    64. Summer School for Theory of Knowledge 1999
    65. SUNY Program in Philosophy, Computers, and Cognitive Science
    66. Swedish Secular Humanists
    67. Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy
    68. TurnPike Emporium Directory
    69. UCSD Group in Neurosciences Web Page
    70. Vienna Philosophical Bureau
    71. VT Philosophy Club
    72. Walker Percy - Literature, Fiction, Philosophy, Existentialism, Language, Semiotics
    73. Wiener Gesellschaft fr interkulturelle Philosophie
    74. World Congress of Philosophy: Introduction
    75. Zentrum fr Medizinische Ethik

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